Zettai Karen Children is a manga series by Takashi Shiina, it was well recieved by the public, and got a 51 episodes anime series aired between 2008 and 2009.

If watched carefully ZKC anime chapters contains some references, and cameos to different series, Ghost Sweeper Mikami: Gokuraku Daisakusen!! being one of the most referenced, they are listed below:

Description Picture
Episode 03 develops in "Kanegura Bank" the same bank that hired Gs Mikami's services on Manga 1 and Anime chapter 2, even the employees uniform remains very similar.
Kanegura bak zkc

Kanegura Bank as seen on ZKC

Kanegura bank GSmikami

Kanegura Bank as seen on GS Mikami

Moga-chan appears in several episodes of ZKC anime and manga as both a robot wich is the main company of Kugutsu, and his personal hobby.
Cmeo moga
On episode 09 behind Hyoubu Kyousuke, a group of statues can be seen, those are references to the lesser servants of Astharoth: Dogura Magura and the Haniwa soldiers.
Reference magura
The title of episode 13, "Katei Hōkai? Gokuraku Daisakusen!!", is a reference to the series. In the same episode, the actress Akie Akashi is the star of a film called 処刑人MIKAMI ("Executioner Mikami"), appearing dressed as Reiko Mikami and using the Jintsū Kon against a giant evil spirit.
Cmeo mikami
Yoshimi Akashi, appears in a TV commercial dressed like Okinu and protrayed as a ghost.
Cmeo okinu 1
In episode 22, among the collection of Kutsugu dolls, there are some dressed as Okinu, and Mikami carrying her Jintsū Kon.
Referencece on mogas
In episode 27 there is a Reiko Mikami report in the newspaper that is being read by Hyoubu Kyousuke.
Cameo nwspaper
In episode 31 Hyoubu Kyousuke and Momotaro are seen playing a 2 player "Dr. Mario" like game themed with the pictures of Yokoshima and Reilo Mikami.
Cameo game
In episode 37, the clerk from a clothing shop resembles Shiro Inuzuka.
Reference shiro
In episode 37 the shop has a mannequin using Mikami's clothes and holding a Jintsū Kon.
In episode 45 there are two kids that resemble Tiger Torakichi and Tadao Yokoshima, their sweaters have the initial letter of their names on them.
Cmeo yokoshima
In episode 51, Kenki-kun pops out from the video camera.
Cmeo kenki
In episode 51 Yoshimi Akashi shows an outfit identical to Okinu's.
Cmeo okinu suit

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