Tiger Torakichi
Gender Male
Status Alive
Partner Emi Ogasawara (boss)
Weapon Ilussion
Weapon Mind Control
Seiyu  ? (PC Engine)
Manga Debut Volume 9 Report 2
Anime Debut None

Tiger Torakichi (タイガー 寅吉) is a tall man with the ability to create illusions and take a tiger-like form. Emi Ogasawara hired him after she lost her former assistants.

Tiger suffers a soft Caliginephobia (phobia to women), and since Emi is the only female that doesnt trigger his fear, he becomes easilly attached to her, putting a lot of effor to satisfy her boss.

He starts studying in the same school as Tadao Yokoshima and they become friends.

Tiger failed to recieve the professional spiritualist licence, since he lost his match to a member of Medusa's team the Hakuryu Clan ending severelly wounded.

As being considered a friend by the GS team, Okinu invited him, Pete, and Date to a blind date on Marin's restaurant, for her friends Ichimonji and Yumi to meet them; during the adventure they lived Tiger calls Mari's attention becouse of his reckless, and protective attitude towards the danger.



  • Although Tiger is hired after Emi's previous assistants are gone, they work together in the Ghost Sweeper Mikami PC Engine video game.
  • In episode 45 of the anime Zettai Karen Children there are two kids that resemble Tiger and Yokoshima.

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