Teruhiko Saijō
Saijo profile
Title Officer
Gender Male
Age 28
Status Alive
Team Ocult G men
Weapon Sword
Weapon Pistol
Height 180 cm
Weight 67 Kg
Manga Debut Tome 17

Teruhiko Saijō  (西条 輝彦 Saijō Teruhiko) is a ghost sweeper working as a public server for the ICPO, Ocult Gmen, an occasional companion on to the GS team, acting as a reliable source of information, and equipment.

He was the former apprentice of Michie Mikami, being sent to study in England to enhance his skills; since Mrs. Mikami was named captain of the G Men he became her subordinate, he feels strong respect for her, calling his Senpai, and consulting with her in every situation he has.

By the time he was still a learner, he turned the first love of a 10 years old Reiko, although at that time he looked at her only as a younger sister, situation that changed since his return to Japan.

On his come back, he recluted Reiko to the G Men, offering her to be a public server, having a stable job, with an insurance anda monthly salary, she accepted immediately, animated by the illusion of working together with her first love.

Saijō has a strong rivalry with Yokoshima for the affections of Mikami, always feeling himself in advantage; any time he sees an opportunity he tries to create bonds between Tadao and other women, like Okinu and Luciola, unconsciously causing jealousy on Reiko's part, which does not suit his plans at all.

Saijō usually ask GS Mikami Agency to help the G MEN can not resolve the situation, trying to prove to the Japanese police, that a division of occultists would be very useful in their work.

He is very successful with women, as stated by Megumi Marin during his time in England he wouldt date twice with the same girl; and proven bythe big amount of Valentines day chocolates he recieves from his ICPO female partners.

Nevertheless he openly states that Reiko is the only woman for him, since she is no longer the child he remembered, and has become a beautiful and talented woman.

As the time, and adventures go by, Saijō will eventually realize than the feelings Reiko has for Yokoshima are stronger than her young time illusion, putting an end to his efforts of reaching her once Mrs. Mikami makes him see that Reiko behaves more closely to Yokoshima after the battle with Ashtaroth.

As an officer of ICPO, he is a worker very committed to the institution, and during the investigation of a mass murder in the streets of Tokyo, he took Shiro and Tamamo to help the authorities to solve the crimes, knowing that the services that they could provide, would be an invaluable acquisition for the ICPO.

Past life Edit

During the Manga while searching for Mikami`s past life, its discovered that Saijō is related with both, Yokoshima and Reiko pastlifes, being a colleague of Takashima (Yokoshima past life) as a Myoushi; being a close spectator of his tragical death, andher true love, he compromised himself to be the caretaker of Mephisto (Reiko`s past life).ashis brother; much like his presentday life,in wich he initially considered Reiko as his sister.

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