Teresa (テレサ) is an robot created by Doctor Chaos following the original planes of Maria, withmodern day technology.

Since Doctor Chaos lives in poverty, he found financial assistance from Yakuchin and Mikami.

Parody asimov

Teresa as seen on the Manga

As the techniques to create an artificial soul is a long time lost art, Teresa was born with an independent conscience, totally different to Maria's serving nature; so she went out of control, stating that robots shoul rule over mankid.

Despite her inteligence, and reaction times are better than Maria, her resistance is lower, wich puts them in a somehow equals her battle capacities.

Teresa was succesfully stopped by Maria and Mikami, after taking Yokoshima and Doctor Chaos.

After the battle, the damaged body of Teresa couldn't be recovered from the sea apparently leading to her demise, although in the manga its brought back to action by Ashtaroth.

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