The back of the tarot cards in the anime

In the Ghost Sweeper Mikami series, Major Arcana tarot cards with French names and characters from the series are present between or in the end of some Reports (chapters) from the manga until Report 131. After all cards were illustrated, they were replaced by the twelve signs, and then one image from the story.


Tarot00 Number
Name Le Mat.
Translation The Fool
Image Tadao Yokoshima and Tiger Torakichi
Appearance Report 108
Tarot01 Number I
Name Le Bateleur
Translation The Magician
Image Reiko Mikami, Tadao Yokoshima and Okinu
Appearance Report 17
Tarot02 Number II
Name Junon.
Translation Juno
Image Emi Ogasawara
Appearance Report 123
Tarot03 Number III
Name L'Impératrice
Translation The Empress
Image Michie Mikami
Appearance Report 113
Tarot04 Number IV
Name L'Empereur
Translation The Emperor
Image Pete and Count Bloodeau
Appearance Report 127
Tarot05 Number V
Name Jupiter.
Translation Jupiter
Image Father Karasu
Appearance Report 126
Tarot06 Number VI
Name L'Amoureux.
Translation The Lovers
Image Doctor Chaos and Maria
Appearance Report 124
Tarot07 Number VII
Name Le Chariot
Translation The Chariot
Image Mikami and her Cobra
Appearance Report 106
Tarot08 Number VIII
Name La Justice
Translation The Justice
Image Reiko Mikami
Appearance Report 1
Tarot09 Number IX (mistakenly written as "VIIII")
Name L'Hermite
Translation The Hermit
Image Doctor Chaos
Appearance Report 59
Tarot10 Number X
Name La Roue de Fortune
Translation The Wheel of Fortune
Image Shōryūki
Appearance Report 129
Tarot11 Number XI
Name La Force
Translation The Strength
Image Mikami hitting Yokoshima
Appearance Report 43
Tarot12 Number XII
Name Le Pendu
Translation The Hanged Man
Image Tadao Yokoshima
Appearance Report 4
Tarot13 Number XIII (mistakenly numbered XII)
Name La Mort
Translation The Death
Image Medusa
Appearance Report 128
Tarot14 Number XIV
Name Tempérance
Translation Temperance
Image Meiko Rokudō and her Shikigami
Appearance Report 14
Tarot15 Number XV
Name Le Diable.
Translation The Devil
Image Reiko Mikami
Appearance Report 58
Tarot16 Number XVI
Name La Maison de Dieu
Translation The House of God
Image Reiko Mikami
Appearance Report 130
Tarot17 Number XVII
Name L'Étoile
Translation The Star
Image Okinu
Appearance Report 11
Tarot18 Number XVIII
Name La Lune
Translation The Moon
Image Reiko Mikami
Appearance Report 36
Tarot19 Number XIX (mistakenly numbered as XVIII)
Name Le Soleil
Translation The Sun
Image Reiko Mikami and Meiko Rokudō
Appearance Report 122
Tarot20 Number XX
Name Le Jugement
Translation The Judgement
Image Piper, Mikami, and Okinu
Appearance Report 46
Tarot21 Number XXI
Name Le Monde
Translation The World
Image Mikami, Yokoshima, and Okinu
Appearance Report 131

Anime and gameEdit

Six of the tarot cards were used during commercial breaks in the anime, two having changes on them. Those cards were also used between stories in the Ghost Sweeper Mikami game for PC Engine.

Tarot cardEdit

Actual tarot cards with different pictures were released in Japan.[1]

The Fool Tadao Yokoshima
I The Magician Count Bloodeau
II The High Priestess Shōryūki
III The Empress Emi Ogasawara
IV The Emperor Tenryūdōji
V The Hierophant Father Karasu
VI The Lovers Yokoshima and Mikami
VII The Chariot Mikami inside Caravan Quest V
VIII The Justice Mikami using an Absorbing Talisman
IX The Hermit Doctor Chaos
X The Wheel of Fortune Reiko Mikami
XI The Strength Reiko Mikami
XII The Hanged Man Tadao Yokoshima
XIII Death Onsen Yūrei
XIV Temperance Meiko Rokudō
XV The Devil Tadao Yokoshima
XVI The Tower Doctor Chaos and Maria
XVII The Star Okinu
XVIII The Moon Doctor Chaos and Maria
XIX The Sun Reiko Mikami
XX Judgement Emi Ogasawara
XXI The World Okinu



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