Tadao Yokoshima
Gender Male
Age 17
Status Alive
Date of Birth 1976
Partner Reiko Mikami
Kinu Himuro (Okinu)
Height 5'8"
Family Mrs. Yokoshima (mother)

Mr. Yokoshima (father)

Seiyu Ryō Horikawa
Manga Debut Volume 1 Report 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

Tadao Yokoshima (横島 忠夫 Yokoshima Tadao) is a 17-year-old high school student in 11th or 12th grade that started working as the assistant of Reiko Mikami at the age of 15. He is totally enthralled by Mikami, and often tells himself that he only keeps his dangerous job because of Mikami's charm. His official wages per hour are 250 yen, later increased to 255 yen after his work with Emi Ogasawara. He is perverted beyond belief acting thus towards almost all the beautiful women, but the only girls who show any hint of liking him are not human, like Okinu and Aiko.

He appears at first to have dormant spiritual abilities, and later on in the manga, with the help of Shoryuki, Yokoshima does gain various abilities of his own. He also gains the unique ability of creating balls from spiritual energy(monju), being the only one in the world with this power.

Appearance Edit

He's a 17-year-old boy who mostly wears farmer's pants and a jacket or a uniform in high school . In front of beautiful girls he usually has a lusty face, except when trying to impress them. According to women he is ugly and this one of the main reasons he can't get a girlfriend.

Later in the manga he becomes more matured, mostly having serious facial expressions and looking like a real ghost sweeper.

Personality Edit

In the series his personality evolved the most.

Yokoshima is a pervert, often having lewd or inappropriate fantasies about Mikami or any other attractive female characters he meets. During the early part of the series, he is incompetent in combat, instead choosing to chase pretty girls in sight, especially Mikami, which usually ends with him getting beaten up. His biggest aim is to marry his employer, Reiko Mikami, but he is not opposed to receiving attention from other girls.

He is also known to be a coward and chooses to flee from the supernatural first, Okino being the exception. He is aware that Reiko likes to tease him, and that she shows little to no concern about his well-being (her love for money and wealth being legendary), yet she always forces or manipulates him into doing dangerous tasks or menial labour.

Yokoshima never learns from his mistakes, often earning sound beatings from Mikami for having perverted daydreams and fantasies about her.

He hates the summer and the beach because of the girls and couples that his anger creates an unbeatable yokai. In an other case had to gain some time or Reiko to get prepared against of an anciant dinosaur ghost, but with him he started to destroying


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