Shiro Inuzuka
Title Apprentice
Gender Female
Status Alive
Famiglia Jinro
Team Gs Mikami Agency
Weapon Reihato (spirit sword)
Manga Debut Number 18

Shiro Inuzuka (犬塚 シロ Inuzuka Shiro) is young girl of the Jinrō tribe (originally believed to be a little boy), who comes out of the wolf people village in order to avenge her father's death.

Once in Tokyo, she met Tadao Yokoshima's who was in trouble with a street though, she got impressed for Yokoshima`s Reihatou, and having the same ability she asked him to become his apprentice.

She is accepted and she is so enthusiastic about her training, than is able to see lessons in the mistakes and defeats of Yokoshima.

After her revenge, she is seen spending time outside of the Jinro village, capturing poachers in the woods, and handing them over to the authorities in exchange for food, until she re encounters with the agency members, deciding to stay there as Yokoshima's disciple , and is planning to become a GS one day.

Shiro is an exceptional fighter, capable of following movements that the human eye can not detect, and being able to face enemies that could annihilate the members of the agency with great ease.

Personality Edit

Shiro is energetic, en and cheerful; at times she acts more like a dog than a wolf, she lives and love to take long walks, so long at the point of going outside Tokyo; even she states that taking walks is her goal in life.

She eats a lot, taking meat and greases for breakfast, someting Okinu really dislikes; is extremelly protective of her friends and relatives, she considers the Agency members as part of the litter, being able to put her life at risk in order to protect them.

Although both are sacred dogs, due to the opposite of their personalities, Shiro initially does not get along well with Tamamo, starting fights, telling each other offenses, making challenges, and constantly provoking each other; However, after their lives are in danger, both become closer, and their relationship changes from rivals, to partners in crime, almost as sisters demonstrating that they are a very competent team when carrying out both the tasks required by the agency and their antics.

Sometimes shiro gives little hints of romantic interest towardsYokoshima (even though she always refers to him respectfully as "sensei").

Gallery Edit

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