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The Shikigami (式神) are creatures that can be summoned.


Rokudou Family ShikigamiEdit

Meiko Rokudou and her mother control 12 Shikigami. Normally they are under Meiko's control, but whenever Meiko becomes distraught, they destroy anything or anyone within their reach. Unfortunately for all, Meiko is sensitive, weak-willed and easily hurt, therefore the Shikigami are set on the loose very frequently.

Meiko's Shikigami are named after the Japanese names of the Twelve Heavenly Generals, legendary Hindu figures who became Buddhists: Ajira, Anchira, Basara, Bikara, Haira, Indara, Kubira, Makora, Mekira, Sanchira, Shindara, and Shoutora. These are animal in form, caricatures of the symbols that these figures carry, which come from the Chinese counting series Earthly Branches.

ShikigamiAjira Ajira (アジラ)
Dragon Shikigami with the ability to release fire from the mouth and petrify enemies.
ShikigamiAnchira Anchira (アンチラ)
Rabbit Shikigami that cut enemies with its sharp ears.
ShikigamiBasara Basara (バサラ)
A large ox Shikigami that can absorb spirits.
ShikigamiBikara Bikara (ビカラ)
Pig Shikigami with great physical strength.
ShikigamiHaira Haira (ハイラ)
Sheep Shikigami that can launch his hair as needles and enter in dreams.
ShikigamiIndara Indara (インダラ)
Horse Shikigami used as transport. Can gallop at 300 km/h.
ShikigamiKubira Kubira (クビラ)
A small rat Shikigami with the ability to view things that humans can't, similar to the Reishi Goggles.
ShikigamiMakora Makora (マコラ)
Monkey Shikigami that can change his form.
ShikigamiMekira Mekira (メキラ)
Tiger Shikigami with short range teleportation.
ShikigamiSanchira Sanchira (サンチラ)
Snake Shikigami that attacks with electricity.
ShikigamiShindara Shindara (シンダラ)
Bird (Chicken) Shikigami that can fly in the speed of sound.
ShikigamiShotora Shōtora (ショウトラ)
Dog Shikigami with a healing tongue.

Other ShikigamiEdit



Yashamaru (夜叉丸) is Masaki Kidou's Shikigami.


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