Shōryūki (小竜姫) is a dragon goddess that takes care of Myoujinsan. She trains Ghost Sweepers that visit the mountain; she acts line a contact between gods and mortals, and an active part in keeping the balance to avoid a war between gods and demmonons.

Her personality is peaceful, ready to help, responsible, a good and patient teacher, as well as an excellent swordswoman. She is still a young dragon so she tends to neglect to make things fall with her sword, or overreach in battles, to the point of running out of energy.

After training her, she learns to completely trust Reiko Mikami, to who from now on will assign high priority and dangerous missions, getting her adequate payments as well as the necessary weapons and assistance.

Shōryūki has a green scale in her back, and if it touched, she changes into a berserk dragon. As a dragon, Shōryūki destroyed the training ground, and she would destroy the entire mountain if Mikami had not stopped her. After returning to normal, Mikami makes a deal with her to pay for the damage repairs in exchange of increasing her spiritual powers.

Later, Shōryūki asks Mikami to help her find the young dragon prince Tenryūdōji, and they fight against Medusa to protect him.

During the Manga events, she is the turning point in Yokoshima`s life, since she is the first character to show trust in his potential, encouraging him to take the exam to get the exorcist licence, and waking up his inner powers, leading to his personality shift.

Also she is the trainer of the most powerful Ghost Sweepers, she is known to be the mentor of:


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