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Spirit Stone

A Seirei Seki (精霊石 "Spirit Stone") is a valuable stone with powers. Reiko Mikami and Emi Ogasawara uses them as accessories that can be throw in emergencies to release energy.

In the film Ghost Sweeper Mikami: Gokuraku Daisukusen!!, Mitsuhide Akechi shows that by focusing all energy into a weapon with good will, justice or love, it can be changed into a Seirei Seki. Mitsuhide did it with his spear, and with some difficulty he manages to make Mikami do the same with the energy of her Jinzū Kon, which she focused on killing Nosferatu. In the end of the film, Mikami tries to make several Seirei Sekis with Jinzū Kons to gain money, but is unable to do it again due to her personality.


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