Reiko Mikami
Title Ghost Sweeper
Gender Female
Age 20
Status Alive
Partner Tadao Yokoshima, Okinu
Weapon Jintsukon
Weapon Sereiseki, Ofuda
  • Michie Mikami (Mother)
  • Kimihiko Mikami (Father)
  • HInome Mikami (sister)
Seiyu Hiromi Tsuru
Manga Debut Volume 1 Report 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

Reiko Mikami (美神 令子 Mikami Reiko) is the main protagonist of the Ghost Sweeper Mikami series, she is a really beautifull young woman, a well known exorcist, who is the president of her own company, the Mikami Ghost Sweeper Office.

Reiko works as an exorcist following japanese traditional methods, famous for her good results as well as for charging high prices for her services.

She does not make any distinction when it comes to providing her services, as long the payment is good, this means that she may accepts jobs from ordinary people, businessmen, government agents, police, or even gangsters.

Mikami is not a hero, nor does she want to be, she does not execute works to save the world, to preserve peace, or seeking justice, not even to help others for free; her only motivation is to earn money.

Personal info

As the daughter of Michie Mikami and Kimihiko Mikami both owners of strong spritual energy, she inherited their capacities, her talent was noticeable since her very early years, and helped her to stablish as the most famous, and one of the most skilled and powerful Ghost Sweepers in Japan.

Reiko spent all her childhood days alone with her mother despite her father being alive, so she feels a strong resentment towards her father for being absent all of her life, calling herself "the daughter of a single mother", a feeling that will soften once she gets to know with certainty how hard was for him to stay around them.

Her mother died when Reiko was 15, and ever since she has been a loner, focusing in her studies and her training to become a spiritualist; she was under the care and training of Father Karasu, a catholic priest who in request of Mikami's mother acts like her mentor. Eventually the truth hidden behing her mothers death would be discovered, and her family ties will be restored.

Initially she oppenly stated to hate children, becouse they are noisy, and require too much attention, but her oppinion changed since the birth of her little sister Hinome Mikami an event that woke up her maternal instict, since she has to be her caretaker.

Although her greedy nature, Reiko actually likes to have luxury items, stay at expensive hotels, drive sport cars, and collect antiquities; she also spends high quantities of money on equipment and accesories for her job.

Despite her tendency to wear provocative clothing and being fully aware of how attractive she is, she doesnt really like to be the center of attention and gets easilly overwhelmed if she is sorrounded by men.

Hyakume a Goddes with the ability to see everything with her 100 eyes of heart, describes Reiko as a shy greedy woman who only feels lonely, wich is notorious since she suffers and gets bored whenever she is separated from her agency members, as she has no other close friends to hang on with.

Mikami Ghost Sweeper Office

After getting her professional licence Reiko started her own business, hiring a building, and started looking for an assistant; expecting a handsome young companion, she started to send publicity, trying to catch aspirants using her natural charm, and offering an exciting job, but the "small letters" was that the payment was lower than the minimal legal payment, therefore none of the interested candidates accepted the contract, with the exception of Tadao Yokoshima, a 17 years old boy who pushed by his lust accepted to work for 250 Yen.

Some time after the office personel grew with the adition of a 300 years old ghost teenager Okinu who needing the money to pay for her own exorcism, works at the agency for 30 Yen.


To perform exorcisms Mikami's tools are her main weapon a Jintsū Kon, and accesories like Talisman, and Seirei Seki; she usially wears, a body-tight Chobham armour (known as ceramic armor) under her exterior clothig.

If necesary she uses fire weapons, and heavy military equipment as rocket launchers; and she uses her influences to manipulate police.

Past Life

Mephisto full body

Mephisto, Reiko's past life.

During the series it is discovered that Reiko Mikami's past life was Mephisto, a demon created by Ashtaroth around year 904 A.C. as a tool to get human souls, Mephisto's actions unchained the events of the main plot, putting Mikami as the target of some of the strongest demons, to recover a Energy Crystal made of stones wich is merged with her own soul.

Reiko present life is heavily influenced by Mephisto's history, her looks are very similar as erll as their involvement with both Yokoshima and Teruhiko Saijō, both characters past lifes where close to Mephisto as the demon fell in love to Takasima a spiritualist who is Yokoshima's past life.

The ability of Mephisto to concede wishes, defined the the future encounter of Yokoshima and Mikami, since that was the last wish of Takashima.

The tragical death of Takashima marked deep into the past life of Saijo, at the point that he promised to take care of Mephisto as a sister, defining the original sibling relationship that Reiko and Saijo had as kids.


Mikami is not a romantic woman on the surface, she is very dedicated to her carreer as a Ghost Sweeper and her business, so she has little to no interest in love, but during the series some of her feelings are revealed.

When she was 10 years old, she was in love to her mother's apprentice, a teen called Teruhiko Saijou who at the time considered her as a little sister, they separated when he traveled to England to continue his preparation; after his come back to to Japan, she with great enthusiasm agreed to join the ICPO, to work together with him, the experience was cool at the beggining, but later the glare wore off and resulted in Mikami having a nervous crisis due to the stress caused by not making money. Her attraction towars Saijo was mitigated by both, his little desire to make money (prefering to serve rather than earn), and his evident past as a womanizer.

As time and adventures goes by, Reiko starts developing feelings towards her assistant Yokoshima, but her immaturity drives her to usually deny it, she always rejects his approaches by beating him; but this is superficial, she acts with jelousy if any female shows interest towards her assistant, even to the point of spying his activities.

Little by little Tadao stops being a young man with the disordered hormones to become a partner to her, and eventually a world savior, unfortunatelly the relationship won't develop since he got a girlfriend righ in the days where Mikami was starting to be sincere with her feelings; but a hint is given that they will eventually get married.



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