Ranmaru Mori
Gender Male
Age Over 400
Status Dead
Partner Nosferatu
Seiyu Toshio Furukawa
Manga Debut None
Anime Debut Ghost Sweeper Mikami: The Great Paradise Battle!! (1994)

Ranmaru Mori (森 蘭丸 Mori Ranmaru) is a character from the film Ghost Sweeper Mikami: Gokuraku Daisukusen!!. He is Nosferatu's loyal attendant, a skilled samurai able to create webs and transform into a spider. He uses Reiko Mikami's blood to revive his master, and does everything he orders. When Nosferatu's castle was invaded by Doctor Chaos, Maria and Emi Ogasawara, he easily defeats and captures them, and later he captures Meiko Rokudou in the city, feeding them and extracting their blood for Nosferatu to drink. When Mikami invades the castle by using Yakuchin's helicopter, Ranmaru cuts the helicopter's missiles and takes it down, but everyone survives. Mikami has a difficult battle against Ranmaru, but Ranmaru underestimates Mikami and is killed by her. With his remaining strength, Ranmaru gives all his power to Nosferatu.


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