Gender Male
Seiyu Norio Wakamoto
Manga Debut Volume 5 Report 2
Anime Debut Episode 21

Piper (パイパー Paipā) is the Pied Piper of Hamelin (ハメルーンの笛吹き), an evil mazoku with the shape of a giant rat that can use a clown-like alter ego with the ability to fly and talk. He has the ability to transform adults into children with his music and control rats. The memories and powers of adults transformed by him will be sealed into a balloon and become available for the Piper. When in possession of his golden needle (金の針), his power increases to the point of being able to transform rats into mini clowns and all adults from a city into children. Due to his true form being a rat, he has great fear of cats, panicking even in his clown alter ego. He caused a lot of trouble in Europe in the past, but without his golden needle his power was reduced and he hid himself.

An amusement park was being constructed in the place he was hidden and he resurfaced. As Reiko Mikami had his golden needle, the Piper turned her into a child to recover it, but the transformation wasn't complete as he was interrupted by Mikami's attack, allowing Mikami to retain a few of her powers and memories. Tadao Yokoshima and Okinu found Mikami and took her to Kazuhiro Karasu to discover what happened. The Piper appeared and transformed both Karasu and Pete into children, but Yokoshima manages to run away with Mikami. After finding his hideout, Yokoshima and Okinu manage to return Mikami to normal by popping her balloon, but the Piper obtains the golden needle and changed everyone nearby into children. Mikami barely manages to avoid his powerful transformation attack and defeat him.

Piper is the sixth boss of the video game Ghost Sweeper Mikami: Joreishi ha Nice Body.


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