Onsen Yūrei
Gender Male
Status Dead
Seiyu Masato Hirano
Manga Debut Report 2
Anime Debut Episode 1

The Onsen Yūrei (温泉幽霊, "Hot Spring Ghost". Unnamed in the manga) is a powerful evil spirit.

In the manga, he is a brutal and mindless spirit causing trouble in a building. He was a man that lost everything in stocks and jumped from the 32nd floor of the same building, dying in the hospital. Reiko Mikami was hired for 50 million yen to get rid of him, and she is warned that he had brutally killed a Ghost Sweeper in the previous day. In the building the ghost takes down part of the ceiling and leaves Mikami and Tadao Yokoshima stuck in the floor without most of Mikami's equipment. He gave a lot of trouble for Mikami, as she only had the Jintsū Kon and Seirei Sekis, but unexpectedly, Yokoshima's perversion allowed Mikami to gain more power and destroy the evil spirit.

In the anime the Onsen Yūrei is more intelligent and died inside a hot spring in a cave from Orochi Gake. He forced the Wandervogel Ghost to work for him, which lured Mikami and Yokoshima to the place he died. Similar to the manga, he gave a lot of trouble, but is eventually defeated.


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