Mikami holding three types of ofudas

An ofuda (お札) is a type of amulet or talisman used by Ghost Sweepers. It is a small piece of paper with varying power, size, and price, being mainly used to exorcize supernatural beings and create barriers. It can be affixed to an area or spirit, or thrown like a weapon. Due to ofudas being made of paper, they are vulnerable to water and fire, and they can be cut. A damaged ofuda will have its power weakened or lost.


AbsorbtionTalismanB 吸魔護符 (Kyūmagofu, "Absorbing Talisman")
Manga debutReport 1 Anime debutEpisode 1
Details Gofu that costs around 300 millions and is used to absorb and seal a spirit inside.
Talisman13 破魔札 (Hamafuda, "Exorcism Tag")
Manga debutReport 18 (title only)
Report 32 (actual appearance)
Anime debutEpisode 5
Details The most common type of ofuda in the series. It contains the text 破魔 (hama, "defeat evil"). It is like dynamite, being activated with a small amount of spiritual power and exploding the energy sealed on it. The stronger the user's energy, the more damage the hamafuda can cause, but even regular persons can deal an amount of damage with it.[1]
Talisman01 お札 (Ofuda)
Manga debutReport 2 Anime debutEpisode 1
Details Hamafuda with its value written on it. The pictured example is worth 80 million (八千万) yen and was the first to appear. Other examples are in the gallery.
Hamafuda 破魔札 (Hamafuda, "Exorcism Tag")
Manga debutReport 22 Anime debutN/A
Details Hamafuda with a different design. In the anime it has the 破魔 design.
Talisman14 Text 破邪 (Haja, "defeat evil")
Manga debut Anime debutEpisode 14
Details Ofuda that appears to have the same effect of a hamafuda.
Talisman06 Text 封魔 (Fūma, "seal evil")
Manga debutReport 10 Anime debutEpisode 6
Details Ofuda used to create a kekkai. When placed, the user says "nen" (念) to activate it. Its back contains a message noting that it is the back side. It is also used to reduce the powers of supernatural beings and absorb spirits like the Kyūmagofu.[2][3] A large version was used as a blindfold on the guardians from Myōjinsan.[4]
R004Ofuda Text
Manga debutReport 4 Anime debutN/A
Details Ofuda used to keep two ghost thieves away from the bank. In the anime it was replaced by a cat statue as they were afraid of cats.
Talisman05 Text 立入禁止 ("Keep out")
Manga debutReport 12 Anime debutEpisode 5
Details Ofuda used in a door to keep a ghost dog away from the building with a kekkai.
Talisman19 Text 対艦迢強力
Manga debutReport 8 Anime debutEpisode 19
Details Ofuda that Mikami tried to use but had no effect due to it being wet.
Jufu 呪符 (Jufu, "Charm")
Manga debutReport 8 Anime debutEpisode 19
Details Waterproof charms used on Kaieda's ghost submarine.
R013Ofuda Manga debutReport 13 Anime debut
Details Ofuda that appears to have the same effect of a hamafuda.
AbsolutePass お札 (Ofuda)
Manga debutReport 73 Anime debutEpisode 38
Details Ofuda with the text 絶対合格 ("Absolute Pass") that guarantees a student to pass any exam. It was sold by Yakuchin during an exam period to make profit with it and with "curse detectors" (呪場探知機), but his plan ended up being discovered and he was arrested.
Taimagofu 退魔護符 (Taimagofu, "Taima Talisman")
退魔札 (Taimafuda, "Taima Tag")
Manga debutReport 115 Anime debutN/A
Details Ofuda with the text 退魔 (Taima) used by Michie Mikami to defeat Harpy.
Kekkai お札 (Ofuda)
Manga debutReport 85 Anime debutN/A
Details Ofuda that creates a kekkai (結界).
お札 (Ofuda)
Manga debutVolume 22 Anime debutN/A
Details Ofuda that Takashima used on Mephisto. It contains the kanji 鬼 (oni).
念力発火符じのお札 (Nenriki hakka fū no ofuda)
Manga debutVolume 36 Report 5 Anime debutN/A
Details Ofuda used to seal Hinome Mikami's pyrokinesis. It has the text 火気厳禁 ("fire prohibition").
RanmaruSpider Text
Debut Ghost Sweeper Mikami: Gokuraku Daisakusen!! (film)
Details Ofuda used to seal Nosferatu.

Hamafuda Machine GunEdit

Hamafuda Machine Gun

Hamafuda Machine Gun

Hamafuda Machine Gun (破魔札マシンガン) is a weapon available to the Occult G Men. As the name implies, it is a machine gun that fires hamafudas, making it easier to hit the target and overpower it with a high number of hamafudas. While highly effective, Mikami considers it a waste as hamafudas are expensive.[5]


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