Monju colored

A Monju with an inscripted kanji, ready to use


The creation of an empty Monju

Monju or Script Pearl, is a technique where the user compresses his spiritual energy into a pearl and it lights it with an appropriate keyword.

Each pearl can have one nen word used on it, as long as the word consists in a single Kanji.

Despite creating a Monju is an extremelly rare ability, known by very few humans during history, inscripting kanji on th pearl seems to have no restrictions other than being able to control spiritual energy, this is proven as Okinu and Mikamihave both been able to inscript nen, but without the ability of creating them.

Some of the uses that has been given to the monjus are:

  • Healing.
  • Climatical changes.
  • Creation of explosions.
  • Freezing targets.
  • Mind reading.
  • Time travel (as demonstrated by the Yokoshima's visit of the future), if he combines a lot of Monjus.
  • Fusion of 2 human beings (which Yokoshima and Reiko to defeat Astharoth).