Gender Female
Seiyu Chisato Nakajima and Kae Araki
Manga Debut Volume 1 Report 6
Anime Debut Episode 3

Moga-chan (モガちゃん) is a series of popular dress-up dolls (apparently based on Licca-chan). Reiko Mikami had a Moga-chan when she was young, and unaware her power slowly passed to the doll, which one day gained life. Mikami's Moga-chan began stealing the Moga-chan of other kids and controlled them, creating an army of dolls in another dimension. When the Moga-chan of a girl called Aya was stolen, she asked Mikami to help find her. Mikami found the dimension with the Moga-chan army and defeated them with the help of Aya's Moga-chan, which wasn't fully controlled yet. In the manga, all dolls stayed in the dimension and Aya gained a new Moga-chan, while in the anime all dolls returned to their owner.

When Mikami was shrunk by Ja Seirei, Tadao Yokoshima bought Moga-chan clothes for her. Moga-chan is the second boss in the video game Ghost Sweeper Mikami: Joreishi ha Nice Body. Moga-chan also appears as a doll series in Takashi Shiina's manga Zettai Karen Children.


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