Mitsuhide Akechi
Gender Male
Status Dead
Seiyu Gorō Naya
Manga Debut None
Anime Debut None

Mitsuhide Akechi (織田信長 Akechi Mitsuhide) is a character from the film Ghost Sweeper Mikami: Gokuraku Daisukusen!!. Mitsuhide was a general under Nobunaga, but once he discovered he is a vampire named Nosferatu, he betrays him and attempts to kill his master. However, Nosferatu says he will revive in the future after Mitsuhide's death, and Mitsuhide sends his spear to the future to stop Nosferatu.

Centuries later, his spear appears in Reiko Mikami's office and his ghost appears to say he has a mission for her. When Pete asks who he is, Yokoshima starts saying he is a detective, but Mikami says he mistook him with Kogoro Akechi and explains his story. Mitsuhide explains everyone present that Nosferatu is trying to revive and they must avoid it. Mikami refuses to do it without paying, so Mitsuhide says she can keep his spear, which has a highly valuable Spirit Stone.

Later in the story, Mitsuhide possesses Yokoshima to help Mikami in her battle against Nosferatu, and teaches her how to turn her Sweeper Staff into a Spirit Stone, which is used to kill Nosferatu. After the battle, Mitsuhide risks himself to take Nosferatu directly to hell. His fate is unknown.


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