Michie Mikami
Michie main
Title Captain
Gender Female
Age 39
Status Alive
Family Reiko Mikami (daughter)

Kimihiko Mikami (husband)

Hinome Mikami (daughter)

Michie Mikami (美神 美智恵 Mikami Michie) is a 39-year-old woman, mother of Reiko Mikami and Captain in the Occult G Men.

Her personality shows 2 sides: as captain, she has a direct and frank attitude, showing also a refined intuition; while as a mother, she shows to be understanding, sensitive and caring. Besides, Michie always maintains an energetic attitude that he showed during his youth.

Having the ability to travel through time, she and her descendants are a target of the demons, who consider their ability a danger to their goals.

Due to an accident when she was a child, her parents suffered from an embarrassing publication in the media, which ended their career as exorcists, so she decides to become an exorcist herself to clean their names.

When she was 18, while being supervised by Father Karasu, Mikami met a client of him called Kimihiko, who needed periodical assistance from father Karasu to keep him safe from ghots sorrounding him due to his ability to read minds; she decides to help him, and in return he helped her get hid of a parasitic creature that was in her body killing her slowly. They married and she gave birth to Reiko Mikami, but never lived together due to the problematic skill that Kimihiko possesses.

She became a renowned exorcist, accomplishing her goal of cleaning her parents name, always working alingside with her young daughter.

Later, she became a joined the Occult G Men, and eventually became a captain. One day, she passed away, but due to her ability to travel in time, she appears in the present a few times to help her daughter.

During the war against Ashtaroth, she commands the Occult G Men and several Ghost Sweepers, confornting directly to the demonsisters created by Ashtaroth, wearing gods reliqs Michie got a power of 7000 almost annihilating them, proving to be the stronger human alive, only followed by Yokoshima-Reiko Fusion. After Ashtaroth's defeat, it is revealed that when she returned to the past, Michie had hidden herself with her husband to avoid a time paradox, as she knew what would happen. Her present self is alive and returns to Japan pregnant of her second child, Hinome Mikami.

Her refined intuition and her maternal instincts made her quickly realize how important Yokoshima is in Reiko's life, and when the moment comes she is open to accept any possible approach between them.

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