Michie Mikami

Gender Female
Age 39
Status Alive
Family Reiko Mikami (daughter)

Kimihiko Mikami (husband)

Hinome Mikami (daughter)

Michie Mikami (美神 美智恵 Mikami Michie) is a 39-year-old woman that has the power to time travel and is a captain in the Occult G Men.

When she was 18, Mikami met Kimihiko when working with Father Karasu and he helped her get hid of a parasitic creature that was in her body. They married and she gave birth to Reiko Mikami. Later, she joined the Occult G Men, and eventually became a captain. One day, she passed away, but due to her ability to travel in time, she appears in the present a few times to help her daughter. During the war against Ashtaroth, she commands the Occult G Men and several Ghost Sweepers. After Ashtaroth's defeat, it is revealed that when she returned to the past, Michie had hidden herself with her husband to avoid a time paradox, as she knew what would happen. Her present self is alive and returns to Japan pregnant of her second child, Hinome Mikami.

Ghost Sweeper Mikami
Media MangaAnimeFilm • Video games (SFCPC Engine) • crossover games (RPGBaseball)
NovelGS HolmesHeroes ComebackTCGMerchandise

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Locations Mikami Ghost Sweeper OfficeOgasawara Ghost Sweeper OfficeYakuchindō
ChurchKōfukusōOrochi GakeMyōjinsan
Shibusaba Jinkō Yūrei Ichigō

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