Meiko Rokudō
Gender Female
Seiyu Kumiko Nishihara
Manga Debut Report 10
Anime Debut Episode 6

Meiko Rokudō (六道 冥子 Rokudou Meiko) is an innocent-looking, childish, millionaire, and extremely powerful female who directly controls 12 Shikigami.

She considers Reiko Mikami as her best friend, as she was the only person who talked to her and was able to calm Meiko down when she lost control of her Shikigami in public during the trials for Exorcist Licence.

Due to her shy, and childish attitude she is a loner, so they are her most common company, she consider the creatures her friends rather than tools or pets, thats why the shikigami will protect her without a doubt; but whenever Meiko becomes distraught, her "friends" get out of control and destroy anything or anyone within their reach.On the other hand, every time she has lost, any shikigami, or they get harmed, she shows very sincere concern for them.

Normally the 12 shikigami are under her control, unfortunately for all, Meiko is way too sensible, weak-willed and easily hurt, therefore the Shikigami are set on the loose very frequently.

Although her immaturity disguises it, controlling the 12 shikigami requires a very high spiritual capacity, because as seen in the manga, a well-trained opponent could barely control 6 shikigami, while Meiko, without any kind of worry or training, controls 12 at the time easily.

Trivia Edit

  • During the trials to become an exorcist she qualified as the second best of all Japan only behind Reiko MIkami, leaving Emi Ogasawara as Third, since the shikigami came out of control during the matches.
  • She is older than Reiko Mikami, Meiko`s mother was already pregnant at the moment she presented Michie Mikami to Sensei Karasu, wich eventually led to Reiks birth.
  • The only time she leaved her shy attitude behind, she showed to be a serious, reckless, and bossy leader just like Reiko Mikami.


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