Megumi Marin
Marin face
Title Wich
Gender Female
Status Alive
Manga Debut Tome 26 Chapter 254

Megumi Marin (魔鈴 めぐみ Marin Megumi) is a beautiful and ingenious witch focused on medival arts, who used to study in England together with Teruhiko Saijō, recovering long lost spells.

During the day she is the owner of "Marin" a restaurant specialized in serving food with magical properties, using high quality ingredients, with exquisite taste and moderate prices.

Megumi owns a black cat with the ability to talk, it helps her attending the restaurant.

At night, she closes the restaurant, and works as an exorcist, who doesn't rely on traditional methods, nor heavy equipment like the rest of the GS, instead she sticks to her "Principle of balance and tidiness", on which Mikami seriously doubts. She does not charge much for performing exorcisms, wich is causing a decrease in the number of contracts Mikami receives, thats why, added to her very honest and direct personality, she doesn't get along with Mikami.

She openly shows a romantic interest in Teruhiko Saijō, even though she knows of his fame as a womanizer; that relationship superficially seems to bother Mikami.

Megumi is shown as an ally but not a full member of the GS team, as she was absentduring some heavy situations like Ashtaroth battles, being an uncommon, yet useful, ally when available.