Gender Female
Seiyu Youko Kawanami
Anime Debut Episode 28

Medusa (女蜴叉 / メドーサ in manga, メドゥーサ in anime) is a dragon goddess and one of the most dangerous criminals in the world, she takes part in the most important events during the series, acting individually and also as an ally of Ashtaroth.

Medusa is a really tough opponent, able to even defeat Shōryūki, being invincible on her first appearance, if not for the sudden power raise of Tenryūdōji who managed to make her retreat.

She strongly hates Mikami and Yokoshima, for they have been able to ruin her plans being "simple humans".

Medusa is really smart as an enemy, so she has always been troublesome, becouse she tends to consider her rivals weak point, like trying to disband the Spiritualist comunity from the inside, or taking the fight outside Japan to avoid Shōryūki's intervention.

Durin a battle in space she was defeatend but in the moment when she was about to die she approached Yokoshima, and kissed him on the mouth, infecting him with her cells in order to resurrect, this way she managed to survive, turning her younger, but her young mind seems to be weaker as her instincts are reduced, and behaves in a reckless way opposed to the cold planer old attitude.

Medusa has died twice, in the hands of Yokoshima:

  • The first during the Assault to the moon, fighting agains Yokoshjima and Maria.
  • The second during the invasion of Ashtaroth, who resurrected all of Mikami's past foes, then she died fighting Yokoshima and Luciola.

Abilities Edit

  • Being a top dragon, shes an expert melee fighter, being able to surpass Shōryūki using her divine sword.
  • She can fly, this is a common ability for gods an demons.
  • Snake-like familiars born from her hair to create whose bite can petrify foes.
  • Choukasoku a power boost which takes her reflexes, movement speed, acceleration, and damage to a higher level.
  • Create and control zombies with higher inteligence than normal.

Trivia Edit

  • The resurrect of Medusa from Yokoshima's stomach is a reference to a famous scene from the movie Alien (1979).
  • In her attempt to kill him, she destroyed Reiko Mikami's home, which led to her move to Shibusaba Jinkou Yuurei Ichigou.
  • Even if she is an expert fighter, totally able to defeat the protagonists, her durability in the series is caused by her tendency to scape quickly if the situation turns difficult.

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