Gender Female
Age Unknown
Seiyu Wakana Yamazaki
Manga Debut Chapter 11
Anime Debut Episode 7

Maria (マリア) is a tough-fighting robot created by Doctor Chaos, mixing long time lost magical arts and advanced technology, Maria acts as Dr. Chaos' main weapon, bodyguard, housekeeper and companion.

Maria behaves as an obedient, helpful and kind-hearted "person" who possesses a soul and the urge to serve mankind.

It's extremely resistant to damage,and heat and can even reconstruct itself, the design of her body is so versatile that it allows Doctor Chaos to adapt any type of weapons and/or accesories needed.

Maria's appearance is a tribute from Doctor Chaos towards "Maria" a young woman of the middle age whom he loved.

Despite being a robot that always acts after receiving orders, Maria protects her allies even if she has not been requested to do it, which shows that she has feelings, besides that she has said and demonstrated that she considers Mikami, Yokoshima and Okinu as friends.

Using the planes of Maria, a second robot was created as her sister, it was named Teresa, who was technologically more advanced, but had a dominant attitude and the desire to rule the world by enslaving humanity. During these events Maria acted mostly on her own to keep everyone safe, and managed to defeat Teresa with the help of Mikami.

Trivia Edit

  • Maria, has been programmed to follow "Three Laws of Robotics" devised by the science fiction author Isaac Asimov.
  • On the anime Maria is described as an android wich is wrong, since is firmly stated in the manga that she is a robot.
  • Maria's body has been destroyed many times during the story, but, as long as her memory core is not destroyed she can be reconstructed.
  • Since the demons and other supernatural beings are used to face spiritualist but not technological devices, Maria is always an excelent ally for the Ghost Sweepers.


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