Mari Ichimonji
Mari ichimonji
Title Student
Gender Female
Status Alive
Partner Yumi Kaori, Okinu Himuro
Weapon Her punch
Manga Debut Vol 34. Chapter 236
Kaori ichimonji

Mari Ichimonji (on the left) and Yumi Kaori

Mari Ichimonji (一文字 魔理 Ichimonji Mari) Is a student of the Rokudou Girls' school, Okinu's classmate in class 1-B, and the first person she met on school as well as her first school friend.

She is a trouble girl, who used to be a young smoker, and a street fighter who excels in physical melee attacks rather than spiritual techniques.

Despite being seen as a street thug, she is a friendly and caring girl always lookink after people around her, although this side of her personality is overshadowed by her rudeness; her soft side was fully observed by Okinu who saw Mari treating kindly a ghost little girl she found at the school yards.

At first, Mari is not doing well in school, nor the social life, but since the arrival of Okinu, she finds a good responsable and comprehensive parter to rely on.

Although his fighting style differs from that of most spiritualists, she is recognized by Reiko Mikami as a very strong girl, and after the class battles, she ends up making friends with his old rival Yumi Kaori, who always saw her as an inferior.

On an exploration of her memories planned by Okinu, its observed that Mari admires Yumi's potential, wich lowers the tension between the two of them, allowing the birth of a very competent team, and a sincere friendship.

Later on, she assists to a Christmas blind date in order for her and Kaori to meet Some of Okinu's male friends, after living a bizarre adventure, Mari says she is being attracted by Tiger's strong and reckless personality.