Kinu Himuro (Okinu)
Gender Female
Age Over 300 (chronologically)

Around 15-16 (physical appearance)

Status Alive (Formerly dead)
Partner Reiko Mikami

Tadao Yokoshima

Seiyu Mariko Kōda
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

Kinu Himuro (氷室 キヌ Himuro Kinu), nicknamed Okinu (おキヌ), is a teenage female ghost that died 3 centuries ago as a living sacrifice to stop a volcano from erupting. A person that dies this way will usually become the guardian of the mountain, but Okinu wasn't qualified to become a celestial being nor a saint, and is stuck in the mountain until she finds a scapegoat.

She was first encountered by Reiko Mikami and Tadao Yokoshima as one of two ghosts causing chaos at a mountain hot spring, where she tries to kill Yokoshima so he can take her place. Mikami exchanges the situation of the two ghosts, the other ghost becoming a guardian and Okinu being free to go to heaven. However, Okinu didn't knew how to go to heaven, being stuck to the land due to her long stay. Mikami ends up "adopting" Okinu, saying she can send Okinu to heaven in exchange of money. Eventually, Okinu ends up becoming the secretary and errand girl for Mikami, working for 30 yen per day, and she develops feelings for Yokoshima. To the other friendly spirits she is considered a Senpai.

Later in the manga, Okinu does get her life back as her body was never destroyed. She is able to reunite her soul with her body (although weakly) and now lives a life of a normal teenage girl, but temporarily loses her memory. When she recovers her memory, she realizes that she is a natural necromancer for her ability to understand the spirits' pain.


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