Kimihiko Mikami

Gender Male
Status Alive

Kimihiko Mikami (美神 公彦 Mikami Kimihiko), birth name Kimihiko Agatsuma (吾妻 公彦 Agatsuma Kimihiko), is a client and friend of Father Karasu. In 1975, he suffered an accident and fell into coma. When he awakened, he had telephatic powers, but as he can't control it, he wears a helmet to reduce his power. Also, evil spirits are attracted by his power, and every two weeks Karasu visits him to get hid of spirits.

One day, Karasu took Michie Mikami to see his case and get hid of the current evil spirits disturbing him. The events that unfolded after resulted in Kimihiko's power no longer luring evil spirits, and he and Mikami falling in love, marrying, and having a child named Reiko Mikami. Years later, they have a second child, Hinome Mikami. He is usually overseas, so he has little contact with them.

Ghost Sweeper Mikami
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