Kimihiko Agatsuma
Kimihiko 1
Gender Male
Status Alive
  • Michie Mikami (Wife)
  • Reiko Mikami (Daughter)
  • Hinome Mikami (Daughter)

Kimihiko Mikami (美神 公彦 Mikami Kimihiko), birth name Kimihiko Agatsuma (吾妻 公彦 Agatsuma Kimihiko), is the father of Reiko Mikami, a client and friend of Father Karasu.

In 1975, he suffered an accident and fell into coma, upon his awakening he had developed telephatic powers, but his uncontrolled ability cause him troubles, so he wears a helmet to reduce it.

His mind reading skill has a collateral effect, evil spirits are attracted to him because they want to be heard wich is a real pain for Kimihiko since hundreds of ghost are harassing him constantly.

His mid reading works on normal people too, so in order to live in peace he has turned into a loner, living in an isolated house far from human contact.

To keep living and being able to continue his investigations, every two weeks Karasu visits him to get hid of the accumulated spirits.

One day, Karasu took the young Michie Mikami to see his case, she made a exhausting effort to help him to and get rid of the current evil spirits disturbing Kimihiko, in exchange for her strong effort to save him, he decides to remove a parasyte that was killing her, by absorving it and suiciding inmidiatelly. Michie was not comfortable with his decition to die, and cooperated with him and Father Karasu to solve the problem.

The events that unfolded after resulted in Kimihiko's power no longer luring evil spirits, and he and Mikami falling in love, and having a child named Reiko Mikami.

His ability is still too difficult to carry on, as he can read minds around him unconciouslly, wich makes him very hard to live in society, so he is usually joins expeditions overseas, to keep his researches active, as a result he has little to no contact with his family.

It is discovered that Michie Mikami's death was fake, as she was living with him during 5 years to keep Michie away from her future self, during this period living together they have a second child, Hinome Mikami.

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