Kazuhiro Karasu
Gender Male
Age 45
Status Alive
Seiyu Kazuyuki Sogabe
Manga Debut Report 15
Anime Debut Episode 9

Kazuhiro Karasu (唐巣 和宏 Karasu Kazuhiro) is a Catholic priest exorcist who was repelled from the church because of his methods, he is said to be one of the best and most powerful exorcists currently active thanks to his training, but with the progressing story, he becomes more like an advisor than a ghost sweeper.

Karasu refuses to ask money for his services to common people only gettting paid if he is contracted by companies; this has kept him in a poverty state, to the point of not eating during several days.

On 1978, as a request from Mrs. Rokudou, he acts as a temporal Mentor of Michie Mikami supervising her last 2 exorcisms; wich ledss her to know her future husband.

Later on Karasu recieves a letter from Miichie Mikami who sends her daughter, a young Reiko Mikami to train with him to become a exorcist; he teaches her the Catholic methods of exorcism.

On the present days he is Pete`s mentor, and a common companion to Reiko Mikami when facing harder enemies; his main role on the history is as an advisor, being the one who tries to call the team to act wiselly on difficult situations.

Trivia Edit

  • During the visit from future Yokoshima, it is revealed from Tadao`s proffesional licence that Karasu will become the Director of Japanese Ghost Sweeper Community.
  • From a picture he keepts in his house on 1978, its seen that Karasu and Pete are already friends by the time.
  • Karasu was another of Shoryuki's student, being considered by her as a high skilled one.
  • As said by Reiko, Karasu seemed to have romantic feelings for Michie Mikami during the short time she was under his mentorship, as a result ofhim being constantly being teased by her, and her energetic personality wich brough emotion to Karasus life.


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