Ja Seirei
Seiyu Hisao Egawa
Manga Debut Volume 3 Report 10
Anime Debut Episode 18

A Ja Seirei (邪精霊, "Evil Spirit", "Wicked Sprite", ...) is a Yōkai from the jungle that went to Japan. It has a blowpipe to shot darts that make the size and power of target shrink 10 percent per hour, and as the target shrink, the Evil Spirit grows and becomes stronger. Reiko Mikami was hit by his dart and had to defeat him to return to normal. Ja Seirei also appears in Volume 9 Report 4 as an illusion.

In the anime the Ja Seirei also has the power to control animals. In the Super Famicom video game it has a different color from the anime and is smaller. The darts automatically shrink the target when hit, but it appears to only work once and has no effect on the Ja Seirei's size and power.


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