Manga Debut Volume 1 Report 5
Anime Debut Episode 4

A Gremlin (グレムリン Guremurin) is a mischievous winged creature that likes to tinker with machines, damaging them. Gremlins hate nice singing and will flee if they hear a song.

A Gremlin took over a satellite from MHK and the owners asked Reiko Mikami to get rid of it, and she sends Tadao Yokoshima and Okinu to space to do the work. Gremlins usually aren't much aggressive, but the Gremlin began attacking Yokoshima as soon as it saw him. Mikami told Yokoshima to sing, but he was so scared his singing was awful and the Gremlin didn't stop attacking. The Gremlin ran away to space when Okinu began singing a lullaby. Yokoshima and Okinu find a egg in the satellite, deducing that the Gremlin was aggressive because it was protecting it. The egg hatched and Yokoshima took the baby Gremlin to Earth, and it stated causing mischief by destroying TV equipment.


Ghost Sweeper Mikami
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