Gokuraku Mouja (極楽亡者, roughly "Undead Paradise") is a one-shot story by Takashi Shiina that was published in Weekly Shōnen Sunday Zōkan Gō in March 1991, leading to the creation of Ghost Sweeper Mikami: Gokuraku Daisakusen!!. The story was also published in the first volume of the Ghost Sweeper Mikami manga in 1992 and 2006.


For 30 years, developers have tried to demolish an old mansion, but all of them ended up dying. Believing that the mansion is haunted, many mediums and exorcists tried to remove the spirit inside, but all failed. Frustated, the real estate agent hired the Reiko Mikami Exorcism Office. Reiko Mikami goes to the mansion alongside her assistant Tadao Yokoshima to investigate. In the entrance, the face of the mansion's former ownwer, Onizuka Chikusafurou, appears in the door and warns them to leave if they don't want to die. Mikami ignores his warning and kicks him, taking down the door, and after a failed attempt to talk with him, they sleep in the mansion.

The spirit of a woman appears and asks Yokoshima and says she is sad for dying so young. She asks him to help her possess Mikami's body and live again, promising that in exchange she will live with him. However, Mikami was only pretending to be sleeping, and she uses a Reitai Bowgun in the ghost. The arrow gets stuck in the ghost, making her unable to pass walls. By following the ghost, Yokoshima discovers that she was actually Onizuka, who changed his form to trick him, and they find a secret room filled with poems written by Onizuka. Embarassed, Onizuka passes on as he lost the only place he had to rely on.

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