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Ghost Sweeper Mikami (GS美神) is a video game released only in Japan for the PC Engine Super CD-ROM² in 1994 by Banpresto. It is an adventure game with card battles.


CharacterBody (体)Spirit (霊)Special attack
Reiko Mikami (美神 令子)8060Seirei Seki
Hyper Mikami (ハイパー美神)20080Seirei Seki
Tadao Yokoshima (横島 忠夫)10020Psychic Saucer
Okinu (おキヌ)5040Seirei Seki
Emi Ogasawara (小笠原 エミ)8040Soul Body Destruction Wave
Tiger (タイガー)12040Attacks in his tiger form
Trio (3人組)10030Triple Punch
Meiko Rokudou (六道 冥子)5060Meiko cries, releasing her Shikigami
Dr. Chaos (Dr.カオス)6060Dr. Chaos attacks the magic circle in chest
Maria (マリア) 150 (Report 2)
200 (Report 3)
20 (Report 2)
30 (Report 3)
Rocket Arm
Landlord (大家さん)7030Attacks with naginata
Shōryūki (小竜姫)230150Becomes a dragon
Primary School Mikami (小学生美神)6040Yo-Yo Attack
Middle School Mikami (中学生美神)7040Attacks with scooter
High School Mikami (高校生美神)8040Attacks with Jinzū Kon
Nightmare (ナイトメア)10050Energy attack
Fake Okinu (にせおキヌ)7040Same as Okinu
Fake Yokoshima (にせ横島)10020Same as Yokoshima
Fake Mikami (にせ美神 / 偽美神)14040Same as Mikami
Teresa (テレサ)20080Laser Beamer
Medusa (メドーサ)250140Energy attack


The story mode, which is mainly shown from Yokoshima's view. In the end of each Report, a score, represented as money, is given to the player. If the score is high, Mikami will be pleased with the amount of money she obtained, but if it is negative, she will be angry and throw a cup in the player's direction.

Report 1Edit

Report 1 夢の中へ ("Into the Dreams") is based on the Nightmare event. Before the story, there is a brief battle event between the Mikami Ghost Sweeper Office and Ogasawara Ghost Sweeper Office. The story than begins with Meiko asking Mikami to help her defeat a Nightmare that entered in her friend. They go to the hospital and Mikami removes the Nightmare, but it enters on her. To save Mikami, Meiko uses Haira to enter in her mind alongside Yokoshima and Okinu.


  1. Okinu vs. Trio
  2. Yokoshima vs. Tiger
  3. Mikami vs. Emi
  1. Okinu vs. Primary School Mikami
  2. Yokoshima vs. Middle School Mikami
  3. Meiko vs. High School Mikami
  4. Mikami vs. Nightmare

Report 2Edit

Report 2 美神と美神 ("Mikami and Mikami") is based on the Mannequin event. Like Report 1, there is a battle event before the main story, this time in the Koufukusou. People are being turned into mannequins, and Mikami is charged of committing crimes. Mikami suddenly starts to act kind to Yokoshima, but it is later revealed that's a Mannequin that took her form. When discovered, she creates copies of Okinu and Yokoshima to fight against the originals, but they are defeated. After the battle, a cloaked figure flying the sky observes Mikami.


  1. Okinu vs. Landlord
  2. Yokoshima vs. Maria
  3. Mikami vs. Dr. Chaos
  1. Okinu vs. Fake Okinu
  2. Yokoshima vs. Fake Yokoshima
  3. Mikami vs. Fake Mikami

Report 3Edit

Report 3 史上最大の決戦 ("The Greatest Showdown in History") starts with Dr. Chaos and Maria going to Mikami's office to tell her that they spotted Teresa, and they ask for her help. Teresa appears and fights against Maria while everyone else retreats to investigate a building. After some time, Teresa appears and she faces Dr. Chaos while Mikami and the others return to her office, finding it and Maria damaged. A cloaked figure, revealing to be Medusa, appears and fights against Mikami, defeating her. When everything appears to be lost, Shōryūki appears to help, restoring Maria's energy and lending her equipment to Mikami to fight against Medusa, Teresa, and the Mannequin.


  1. Mikami vs. Medusa
  2. Maria vs. Teresa
  3. Shōryūki vs. Fake Mikami
  4. Hyper Mikami vs. Medusa

Card BattleEdit

Besides the Scenario mode battles, the game has a Card Battle mode where the player can choose his character and opponent. The battles in the game are set with a card game, where each character has 5 cards in the hand. Each character has two attacks, one standard used by one of three cards that function like a rock-paper-scissors game, and one special attack. Besides those, there are cards for defense, recovery, card replacement, and a card that randomly changes into other card.

Normal attack. Can counter "封魔".
Normal attack. Can counter "邪魔".
Normal attack. Can counter "破魔".
Special attack. Reduces Spirit by 20 points. If the user has less than 20 Spirit points, this card can be countered by other attacks.
Avoid opponent attack.
Recover 20-30 (Varies between character) Body points.
Shuffles all cards.

Random card effect.


Hiromi TsuruReiko Mikami
Ryō HorikawaTadao Yokoshima
Mariko KōdaOkinu
Michie TomizawaEmi Ogasawara
Kumiko NishiharaMeiko Rokudō
Shigeru ChibaDr. Chaos
Wakana YamazakiMaria
Hisao EgawaDoctor
Reiko SuzukiLandlord
Hirohiko KakegawaNightmare
Maria KawamuraTeresa
Yōko KawanamiMedusa
Takeshi AonoKenki-kun


GS Mikami gameplay


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