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Ghost Sweeper Mikami: Gokuraku Daisakusen!! (GS美神 極楽大作戦!! Gōsuto Suīpā Mikami Gokuraku Daisakusen!!, "Ghost Sweeper Mikami: The Great Paradise Battle!!") is a Japanese comedic horror manga series written and illustrated by Takashi Shiina. It was published by the manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Sunday from 1991 to 1999. In 1993, it won the Shogakukan Manga Award for best shōnen manga. The series explores some folk religion themes such as possession, exorcism, shamanism, yūrei, seirei, and yōkai.

The series was adapted as a 45-episode anime television series by Toei Animation called Ghost Sweeper Mikami (GS美神) which ran on TV Asahi and the Asahi Broadcasting Corporation from 1993–1994, covering most parts of the first nine volumes of the manga (total 39 volumes). The anime lead to the release of a movie, which had been the only existence of Mikami in the United States (released by Manga Video).

Story summaryEdit

In economically thriving Japan, Ghost Sweeping has become one of the most profitable business. Ghost Sweeping is a contemporary exorcism to exterminate the likes of akuryō and yōkai which disrupt the safety and economic well being of society. Needless to say, Ghost Sweeping can generate an incredibly large income. For instance, the exorcism of a ghost from a giant office building could easily result in a billion yen payment.

One of the top class Ghost Sweepers in this dangerous profession is Reiko Mikami, who happens to possess an attractive female physique. By making use of various specialized devices, Ms. Mikami eliminates trouble-causing ghosts, devils and evil spirits and assures herself a big income. Mikami's partners are Tadao Yokoshima, a young student who madly felt for her charm and agreed to work for cheap 250 yen per hour, and Okinu, a 300 years old ghost that is attached to Earth and works for 30 yen per day so Mikami can send her to Heaven.

Besides supernatural matters, Mikami must also deal with business rivals like Emi Ogasawara, strange companions like Meiko Rokudou, among other things.

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