Ghost Sweeper (ゴーストスイーパー Gōsuto Suīpā), GS for short, is a professional specialized on exorcizing ghosts, demons and other paranormal beings.

Most of the Ghost Sweepers work on private agencies, since it is a dangerous job, the GS services tends to be a well payed job. In order to become a GS, a person must pass a series of test and trials, whose purpose is to discover the people who have real capacity, and discard the possible bad professionals.

On the other hand there are some professionals offering exorcism services for low prices like Father Kazuhiro Karasu since he is a Catholic priest.

The goverment of Japan, noticing the importance that supernatural events have taken, created the ICPO division, a group of spiritualists working as public serveants who does not charge the people for their services.

As shown in Report 31, some people are unbelievers who may consider it a fraud.

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