Episode title.

Rival! Ogasawara Emi! (宿敵! 小笠原エミ!) is the 13th episode of the anime Ghost Sweeper Mikami. It is based on the manga Volume 3 Report 1, Report 2 and Report 3. It first aired in Japan on July 4, 1993.


29-year-old Emi Ogasawara convinces Tadao Yokoshima to leave Reiko Mikami's office and work for her with a better salary. Yokoshima works alongside Arnold, Schwarze and Negger to protect Emi when she prepares to use her power. However, Emi actually uses Yokoshima in a plan to defeat Mikami, but it fails and Okinu convinces Mikami to hire back Yokoshima with a raise of 5 Yen in his salary.

Ghost Sweeper Mikami (anime)

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