Emi Ogasawara
Gender Female
Age 20
Status Alive
Date of Birth 1973
Seiyu Michie Tomizawa
Manga Debut Volume 3 Report 1
Anime Debut Episode 13

Emi Ogasawara (小笠原 エミ Ogasawara Emi) is a 20-year-old dark-skinned female voodoo Ghost Sweeper. She is the head of the Ogasawara Ghost Sweeper Office and a chief competitor to Reiko Mikami's Ghost Sweeper business. According to Mikami, Emi is the strongest voodoo user and is worth competing with her. Even though it seems they are enemies, they're in fact partners who can rely on each other in times of emergency. Emi is apparently in love with Pete and uses any opportunity she can get to approach him.

Emi had a much darker past than Mikami: she lost both her parents at the age of 10 and made a living as an assassin for hire until the age of 15, at which she gave up this career due to a certain incident. She had a contract with the dangerous demon Belial.

As a GS, Emi focuses on curses and voodoo. Her most powerful ability is Reitai Gekimetsu Ha (霊体撃滅波, lit. "Spiritual Body Destruction Wave" or "Soul Body Destruction Wave"), a large range energy wave that can exorcise any spirit, but it takes some time to be prepared, leaving her defenseless during the process. Due to this, she requires tough assistants to protect her, hiring Tiger Torakichi to work for her.


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